Self Employment – 10 Reasons Why Being Self Employed May Not Be for You

1. You like orderThe trouble with being self employed, is that if you like the 9-5 and you like having your weekends to yourself, then you may have considered the wrong career path. Self employed people do get to choose when they work, but they generally work long hours, have to reply to emails out of work time, and rarely does a weekend go by, with out you just having to do that ‘thing’ that just needs to be done.2. You don’t like making big decisions (all the time)If you are worried about putting your neck on the line and taking business decisions that matter, self employment is probably not for you. If you like to be told that decisions have been made and you are happy to just go along with the flow, there is a good chance you would struggle at making the big decisions quickly when faced with issues or objections on your own.

3. You need a solid wageIrrespective of whether you would like to be self employed or not, the reality is that for many of us – we have bills to pay, and bills need paying. Being self employed, there is no guarantee of a wage.4. It is not the right timeYou may have great ideas, but that doesn’t mean that self employment always comes at the right time. If you have young children or other commitments, some people just cannot commit to the level of life changes you need to make, to make self employment a success.5. You like having job duties There is no job spec for a self employed person or a new business startup. It can be literally a case of doing everything and becoming a jack of all trades. Therefore if you like having specific job duties and ticking off your job duties until they are completed – self employment may not be for you. Yes, when self employed, you still need to have structure and lists of things to do – it’s just your lists tend to be bigger as the day goes on, rather than the other way around.6. You don’t have a specific passionYou generally need to have passion for that ‘thing’ to want to be self employed. If the only person getting you out of bed in the morning for work is YOU, then imagine a self employed job that you are not that bothered about! You need to really love that job that you want to do for yourself, if you want to consider doing it on your own, or as part of a self employed team.7. You value your holidaysHolidays?8. You value your benefits

Benefits? Insurance? Health care? Pension? Some of the benefits that you take for granted when you are employed through a company, are things that you have to pay for if you wish to be self employed and want those types of benefits.9. You like being praised for your workUnless you start patting yourself on the back – self employment can become a lonely old business. No big boss to tell you off, I agree, but at the same time, no big boss to give credit, where credit is due. If you like being praised, getting bonuses, winning company awards, or simply getting an email saying “thanks”, being self employed might be a rather tough reality.10. It is just not for you! Simple. Not everyone wants to care about work enough to even be at all bothered about being self employed and this is completely fair enough!